About pages are always weird to write.

Here's mine.

I've found myself here on the interwebs since about 2012, always documenting and sharing my journey, but not in the way I am doing it today.

After trying so hard to be like everyone else, to "go, go, go" and "do, do, do", I decided to just stop.

This came after feeling like I had hit a mental rock bottom for a solid month or so.

Day after day I sat around questioning the meaning of life, asking how I'd gotten here, and why I'd lost my seemingly strong lust for life.

I found in that questioning that I merely got tired of fighting. I was exhausted.

And while many could say I had just given up, I found it to be the opposite. I was just beginning to wake up.

In that dense fog of confusion I came to understand that all my life I'd been fighting myself. I'd put on all these masks that I had conditioned myself to wear and was attempting to function in the world in a way that was ancient. I realized over the coming weeks that this was not me.

And so, I decided to start an experiment, one in which I want to document. This is the experiment of "selah, be-ing." or "just be-ing".

Being what?


My goal with this blog is to document all the little things I discover about myself, to share the things I realize are not me, and how it affects my way of living.

It is my hope that by sharing these things, you too will be inspired to start your own experiment.

Welcome to what I call, the Experiment of Be-Ing.